US marine takes on bjj lady

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    Perfect example illustrating that technique overcomes strength. Enjoy
    Q: By looking at it, how much of a difference in weight do you think between the two?
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    Historic 1951 Match Between Brazilian BJJ National Champion Helio Gracie Vs. Japanese Judo Champion Masahiko Kimura

    This is an exerpt from Kimura's book.

    20000 people came to see the bout including President of Brazil. Helio was 180cm and 80kg. When I entered the stadium, I found a coffin. I asked what it was. I was told, "This is for Kimura. Helio brought this in.". It was so funny that I almost burst into laughter. As I approached the ring, row eggs were thrown at me. The gong rang. Helio grabbed me in both lapels, and attacked me with Oh-soto-gari and Kouchi-gari. But they did not move me at all. Now it's my turn. I blew him away up in the air by Oh-uchi-gari, Harai-goshi, Uchimata, Ippon-zeoi. At about 10 minute mark, I threw him by Oh-soto-gari. I intended to cause a concussion. But since the mat was so soft that it did not have much impact on him. While continuing to throw him, I was thinking of a finishing method. I threw him by Oh-soto-gari again. As soon as Helio fell, I pinned him by Kuzure-kami-shio-gatame. I held still for 2 or 3 minutes, and then tried to smother him by belly. Helio shook his head trying to breath. He could not take it any longer, and tried to push up my body extending his left arm. That moment, I grabbed his left wrist with my right hand, and twisted up his arm. I applied Udegarami. I thought he would surrender immediately. But Helio would not tap the mat. I had no choice but keep on twisting the arm. The stadium became quiet. The bone of his arm was coming close to the breaking point. Finally, the sound of bone breaking echoed throughout the stadium. Helio still did not surrender. His left arm was already powerless. Under this rule, I had no choice but twist the arm again. There was plenty of time left. I twisted the left arm again. Another bone was broken. Helio still did not tap. When I tried to twist the arm once more, a white towel was thrown in. I won by TKO. My hand was raised high. Japanese Brazilians rushed into the ring and tossed me up in the air. On the other hand, Helio let his left arm hang and looked very sad withstanding the pain.

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    You know what an Illegal knee gets you....Bitch-slapped!
    When I think of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I often tend to think of two fighters
    rolling around on a mat in an effort to gain a dominant ground position, while
    attempting to apply joint-locks and chock holds when the opportunity arises.
    Rarely, if ever, do I think of knees and slaps as part of a BJJ fighter’s
    repertoire, but that appeared to be the case during this competitive bout, as
    one combatant accidentally (we assume) landed an illegal knee to the face of his
    opponent, who retaliated with an open-handed slap to the face.
    If you were ever wondering which of the two illegal moves is frowned upon
    more in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the answer appears to be the b*itchslap, rather
    than the knee. We have drawn that conclusion based on the judge’s decision to
    disqualify the slapper, and not his opponent, in this bout.
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    Wow very impressive, Wonder how she got involved there
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    wow "never surrender" mentality there is ridiculous, Kimuras confidence is also amazing

    I wonder if he did actually get DQ
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    Strength always overcome technique. There is no doubt about it!

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