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Discussion in 'Healthy Eating & Nutrition' started by Chaleira, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Are there any vegetarian or vegan lifers here? If so, which, and for how long have you been? Share why, your recipes, where you get the majority of your protein, if you struggle with being one, favorite restaurant.... or whatever else you want to share on the matter. Believe it or not, no matter how short or how long you've been a vegetarian. .. you can always learn something new, or teach someone something they didn't know.

    I've been a vegetarian for around 19 years now (started in 1997, I was around 15), and I still learn a lot from people who've been in the lifestyle for just a couple of years! So share!
    I don't have struggles with it anymore... after the 1st year it was cake!

    As for protien... a lot of people that just don't know any better ask me where I get my protien from because I don't take supplements. Well, firstly... I'm not vegan so I do eat dairy which has protien (although I'm not big on dairy... except for cheese... cheese is my kryptonite and one of the main things keeping me from considering vegan). I also occasionally eat eggs, preferably the whites, though I'm not big on eggs either. Other than that I eat lots of beans, nuts, whole grains... and sometimes soy products which I've been trying to cut back on. Either way, I there is plenty of protien to go around.

    A couple of misconceptions people hit me with when they find out I'm a vegetarian is that vegetarians are skinny with no meat on their bones lol.... or all we eat are salads!!! I eat real food people... as long as there is no meat in it!!!

    Now those vegans on the other hand are just weird. .. just kidding :) But people probably think you are, so I would really like to hear from you if you're out there.

    Also... anyone not a vegetarian or vegan and have questions, ask away! But be respectful ;-)
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    I have been a vegetarian for over three years now. I don't see me ever going back to eating meat.

    I find it makes me a lot healthier because it stops me from ever being attempted from unhealthy food. I was never someone who ate a lot of fast food anyways, but it does help me eat healthier in general.

    You are right that many people are surprised that all vegetarians are not skinny. What also surprised me is just how little knowledge the general public have about being vegan or vegetarian. The most common thing people ask is "But you still eat fish". When I point out that vegetarians don't eat any kind of meat, I am usually told a story about a friend they had that was vegetarian who ate fish. At which point I have to say that their friend is pescatarian, not vegetarian.

    In general, being veggy is super easy, though there is the odd time when options are limited when eating out. Many restaurants only offer one or two veggy options and they are usually either a veggy burger or risotto. But that's still better than no option at all. I have been out some times and there were no options for veggies whatsoever.

    One time I was at a micro brewery with all my friends and there was nothing on the menu for me. So when they all tucked into hearty burgers and steaks, I was left with some crappy nachos (I love nachos, but these were awful). It was no surprise that I ended up so drunk that day as I had nothing in my stomach.

    Thankfully, being veggy in the UK is fairly easy. Most supermarkets have a great range of veggy options like Quorn etc. It was, however, a complete nightmare when I was backpacking South America. There were many times I could only eat chips as nothing else was offered.

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    HA!!! Yep, I get that every time, where people think seafood counts.

    Good for you!!! I still find a way to eat like crap LOL (I'm sure it would be worst if meat were in the picture though). As for fast food goes, Taco Bell has great vegetarian options that most people probably don't think about. Their Black Bean Burritos are good, and I always add potatoes and tomatoes to it! Or their cheese cheese quesadilla that I usually add tomatoes, onions and jalapenos to. They have a lot of other things on the menu as well where you can just hold the meat and substitute with beans... Also, Burger King has a veggie burger (that's probably overly processed so I try to stay away from it), but at least they tried!

    I will post some recipes I found when I get a chance. I have tried some Quorn and Boca brand products, but mainly is Morning Star... But I think I'm going to start making my own very soon ;)
  4. Kevin

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    Most fast food restaurants have one or maybe two veggy options, but as you say they tend to be a bit meh. Still better than just eating chips :)

    I do like to eat fresh and make my own dishes though I am usually so busy that I resort to cooking something quick in the oven that has been prepared.
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    @Kevin -Here is a recipe to try! I'm going to try this soon. Thought it would be a cool one to share. There are lots of these on youtube.

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