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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Kevin, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the delay in handling the situation with Derek. It's been a bit of a hectic week for me as we moved out our apartment, went away for the weekend with my gf's family and in 12 hours we will be making our journey to the UK from South America. Yesterday and today we have been crashing at her mums and we only found out the wi-fi password tonight. To make things worse, my gf´s ten year old cousin has been really sick so instead of getting a good nights sleep before our 24 hour journey, she's sitting in a hospital room with him at 4am waiting to see a doctor and I'm posting here.

    Thanks to those members who brought the issue to my attention by reporting some of his posts. I was only able to log in to Black Belt Forums today for about 5 minutes so only had to time to check a few of his posts and it wasn't 100% clear the intention of his posts though as someone suggested, he was a troll. Sometimes trolls are harmless though they can really harm a community. They drive away good members and drive discussions off topic. Some posts may seem light hearted and fun however they rarely bring anything with substance to the community. One thing we can't allow is threats or aggressive behaviour towards other members (I really don't want anyone to feel intimidated here).

    We Need Moderators

    There comes a point in every forums life where moderators are needed. I didn't think mods would be needed for another few months though the situation today has highlighted how important moderators will be to the forum in the future. Having a moderator online at most times will really help stop situations escalating etc.

    Please note that I am not a huge fan of heavy moderation. I've posted in a lot of forums and I hate when moderators close threads needlessly. Sometimes closing a thread can be a good option and sometimes it's the only option, though a good moderator should be able to diffuse the situation so that the discussion can continue and stay on track.

    I'll be looking into bringing one or two moderators in over the next few weeks. Feel free to make a suggest someone if you want or even put yourself forward. :)

    I want moderators to continue to enjoy themselves here and have good debates with other members etc but being a moderator does mean that you can't really get involved in heated discussions and need to take a step back sometimes. It's not a glamorous position though it can be rewarding. No one is perfect, so like me, you will not get every decision right. I am however sure that other members will support any steps moderators take if it's clear the decision was made in the interests of the community.

    As always, any feedback or suggestions on this issue would be greatly appreciated :)

  3. BHRobin

    BHRobin Disciple

    Sorry about all the stuff going on - here's hoping it gets better for you.

    I apologize for my part in fanning Derek's flames...I have a hard time ignoring idiots who go out of their way to BE idiots.

    Maybe some 'formal' guidelines for mods - some things that would be automatic shutdowns or bans (like if someone threatened a poster directly, or a thread devolved into 'me first me first me first' comments), and a policy of one of two warnings (except in the case of an automatic shutdown) before acting in a thread.

    Best of luck to you on everything.
  4. WonderingFist

    WonderingFist Disciple of Mind

    Well I haven't been here long enough to suggest myself and still respect my own decisions :p

    I would like to recommend SifuPaul.

    He is well-respected on this forum, and is very knowledgeable on martial arts; as is Blade-Maker and Deborah.
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  5. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    I also apologize.
    I shouldnt have been drawn into it, but some of his posts on here are were just getting out of hand, and alot of them had nothing to do with the topic of the thread, which i see as very disrespectful to the one who started the thread.
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  6. useablender

    useablender Initiate

    Whew, well i'm glad thats sorted... for a second there i thought i might've had to write to someone. Thanks.
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  7. Ian White

    Ian White Samurai

    His attitude belittles everything I was taught and what I teach. As Miyagi said in Karate Kid
    There is no such thing as a bad student only bad teacher. I fear for any students he might possibly have.
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  8. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    Oh man.... I completly forgot he said he was a master.... I pray that his students have a little humility. The thought of someone like that teaching scares the hell out of me.
  9. Ian White

    Ian White Samurai

    Me too Aaron.
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  10. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    Yes Kevin, totally agree with the need for a moderator/s.

    BHRobin has some good suggestions, and yes I do think that Sifu and Blade would make good candidates for moderators.

    I personally do not suffer fools lightly and had to tell him in no uncertain terms what a fool he was. Like all such people like himself that big note themselves in forums such as this, there were no foundations to his claims. Pardon the french, but he was full of piss and wind.

    There are moderators among us.
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  11. Ben

    Ben Master

    I would very much like to moderate. I would like to say I have little to no admin-esque experience on a forum like this, but I'm heavily anti-flaming and would love to take an active hand in keeping the intelligent, creative, kind, considerate, open-minded discussions that are going on this forum clean. I love this forum and I'd like to help in any way I can.
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  12. Schubertdog

    Schubertdog Shodan

    I agree with Mario, maybe also Wondering Fist and Deborah, and you Ben :)
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  13. Ben

    Ben Master

    Thank you my sir. And YES Deb would make an AMAZING moderator. She's just as dedicated to the forum, that and she's a ray of sunshine, she finishes every post with "Love respects and smiles" followed by a million kisses :p
  14. WonderingFist

    WonderingFist Disciple of Mind

    Who doesn't love kisses? haha
  15. Ben

    Ben Master

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  16. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    i'll moderate if you like, Deb might be a better choice though.
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  17. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    his students only exist on everquest...
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  18. Ben

    Ben Master

    I have no idea what anyone is talking about, whose this Derek guy, what's been happening?
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  19. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    you are missing nothing, he got on here and started challenging people to fights, like IRL fights, it was ridiculous.
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  20. Ben

    Ben Master

    What a dick. But still, it would have been fun to challenge him and turn up with a fake gun just to see the look on his face :p Can you imagine the initial draw? Embarrass some manners into him :p
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  21. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    He says hes going to the August-Sept PKC event, i will look for him and see how he does.

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