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    Hello and welcome to Black Belt Forums - a discussion forum that was created specifically for martial artists :)

    Around a week ago we asked Facebook fans of our Martial Arts Videos website for suggestions on what they would like to see in this forum. The response was fantastic. We had lots of suggestions for specific rooms and have tried to accommodate everyone.

    Discussion Rooms

    Martial arts styles have been divided into different groups. Styles that are primarily known for striking have been placed in the striking martial arts section. Likewise, arts that are known as grappling arts have been placed in the grappling martial arts section. Arts that use a variety of techniques from other arts have been placed in the hybrid martial arts section.

    There are many ways in which we could have arranged all the discussion rooms though we feel this is the more practical :)
    It isn't advisable to start a forum with so many discussion rooms. It's much better to start with just a few rooms and expand when necessary. We are aware that a forum such as this needs things to be organised and we also wanted to accommodate everyones suggestions.
    If we find after a few weeks that no one is really posting in certain discussion rooms, we will remove the rooms until there is a demand for it. Also, if there is a strong demand for more rooms to be added, we will add them as and when needed.

    Why Join Black Belt Forums?

    We will be working our butts off to establish Black Belt Forums as the best martial arts community on the web. A forum is nothing without it's members so we want to ensure that we give members a fantastic user experience.
    • Registration is free!
    • You can sign up using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account.
    • The forum software we are using is incredibly quick loading.
    • A place to chat with martial artists of all styles from around the world.
    Over the next few weeks you may see some small changes here. We will be responding to members suggestions in order to ensure that the community grows (if we can't make a suggested change, we will explain why!).

    On a personal level, I am really looking forward to having a place to chat and hang out with martial artists and martial arts fans from around the world. I'm a huge martial arts film fan so I'm keen on meeting other martial arts film buffs too.

    You can register as a member by clicking on the 'Sign Up Now!' button on the home page or on the social media login buttons.


    Thanks to everyone who signs up. Also, we encourage you all to take the time to introduce yourself to everyone in the community and if you have a suggestion for the site, please open a thread in the Suggestions & Feedback room :)

    Those of you who would like updates of the latest discussions on Black Belt Forums should follow us on Twitter or on Facebook.

    Also, stay tuned as in a few weeks we will be launching a competition where you can win some great prizes from the official Bruce Lee website.


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