What Is Your Number 1 Self Defense Tip?

Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by Kevin, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    Don't be there when a fight happens, or is likely to!

    Ok failing that it'd have to be what the bad guy from the karate kid told his students. "Strike first, strike hard, no mercy" ok omit the "no mercy" we don't want to go round permanently messing up anyone who gets in our face (Master Ken Ameri-do-te style!)
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  2. Robthestig

    Robthestig Jedi's nightmare

    switch on
  3. Gone

    Gone Guest


    Assuming you absolutely have to fight the guy now and all chances of getting away from the situation are gone, then Blitzkrieg.
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  4. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    I hope you don't mean back fist, reverse punch combo whilst leaping through the air?? (Lmao points fighters call that a "blitz" in case you wondered)
  5. Gone

    Gone Guest

    lmfao, I could have been.

    Nah, by Blitzkrieg I mean attacking them suddenly from all directions with everything at your disposal with the comitment to bring them down.
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  6. Master of Nothing

    Master of Nothing Psychotic Pacifist

    I guess I have a tie for top tip. Starting is "Don't Present Yourself As A Victim". Covering the little things like walking gate, awareness level, posture, etc.
    But if that fails. "Become an Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat Specialist"
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  7. Nexquietus

    Nexquietus Disciple

    As an Operating Room Nurse and Martial Artist, this made me laugh out loud.

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  8. Dpendleton

    Dpendleton Warrior Monk

    Side kick to the knee and I am out of there no standing around looking stupid.
  9. tony7

    tony7 Disciple

    hi guys, when i leave the house, i switch on, and its on till i return home, always aware of people who become too close to me,. eye.. contact is a must, i look intimidating to say the least !!!the scene from the jerry lewis film, the nutty professor, when buddy love is 1st seen , as he walks to the purple pit, is the reaction i get on a daily basis.. however, i digress, if i think its gonna kick off, i look for an exit, and if my personal space is compromised, 2 hits and out, no shouting ,no dramatics, just eliminate the front line and leave, cos once the element of surprise is over , its dodgy standing in court stating why you had to fight x people ,when the opportunity to escape was present, self defense is a fine line , its not to get the better of the opponent and batter them senseless, so the old saying, i would rather be judged by 12 , than carried by 4 is always present...
  10. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    For a technique...
    I always preferred my snap kick to knee. I can shot it from the front foot without the telegraph that a side kick can have. There's no need to chamber your leg first, you can just 'SNAP' it with the ball of your foot for lighter damage, but greater control, or with the heel if your intent is to try and do serious damage.

    For advice...
    Run if you can, hurt only if you must, hurt before maim, maim before kill, but always, ALWAYS run if you can.
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  11. Enkidu

    Enkidu Destroyer of your martial arts fantasies

    I'm not a kicker, so about the only kick I would use is a MT 'teep' kick. Now knees on the other hand (coupled with a MT clinch)... Now THAT is an effective self defense technique!
  12. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    Agreed. The force that can be generated in a knee is incredible. I'd hate to have that done to me in real life, particularly with someone pulling your face into the knee.

    I've been training the knee a lot recently. Doing 1,000 knees at a time on the heavy bag. I'm not doing so many to improve technique though it's great for cardio (the sweat lashes off me when doing it).
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  13. Dpendleton

    Dpendleton Warrior Monk

    Interesting do you happen to have a video demo of this?
  14. Dave76

    Dave76 Deheuol Gwyn Dragon

    No sorry and googling has'nt helped much either. The only snap kicks I can find there are all above waist height and most off the rear leg aswell.
  15. tony7

    tony7 Disciple

    to me the distance is important, not allowing anyone close enough to grab you, sidekick works usually for me which can open up many techniques, usually spinning back fist , if more than one opponent, then you have to really swarm them with slapping techniques , to disorient them ,then disable them with full force, cos any hesitation and its good night vienna...
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  16. Neal Martin

    Neal Martin Initiate

    Learn to control your personal space and through that, assert yourself.

    Self assertion is a very important skill to learn if you want to affect a positive outcome in a violent confrontation.

    Would-be attackers don't like it when you calmly and confidently assert yourself with them, it disrupts their well-worn victim selection pattern. They don't often expect their chosen victim to not immediately cave in to their intimidation tactics.

    Through confident body language, an assertive tone of voice and good control of your space, you can project your intentions towards your aggressor, sending them the message that you don't want violence, but if they push the matter you will certainly bring it.

    From this position of power you can proceed to diffuse the situation through verbal de-escaltion or, if need be, use pre-emptive action, or worst case, better defend against a sudden attack.

    To me, situational control is the most useful thing you can learn, alongside learning to hit very fucking hard.

    Training the default position for ambush attacks is also essential. Working from the startle flinch and conditioning yourself to launch an immediate counter-offensive.

    Lastly, training for multiple attacker scenarios.
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  17. Natalie

    Natalie Nidan, San Yama Bushi Ryu Ju-Jutsu

    My philosophy is
    1: make sure you see it coming and don't be there when it arrives.
    2: make yourself as inconvenient a target as possible. Convince the bad guy that there is easier prey elsewhere.
    3: If you fail options 1 & 2 and you cannot avoid a physical confrontation:
    a: Use your environment to your advantage. Put your back against a wall or corner, use furniture or vehicles as barriers, etc.
    b: Show no fear. If you are not afraid, the bad guy will wonder why and might re-evaluate his choices.
    c: This one is my personal mantra, and I can't recommend it to everyone because there are definite risks tied to it. But my feeling is that if I am assaulted, my attacker expects me to pull away and try to escape. He probably does NOT expect me to launch myself at his face and crush his trachea. My core philosophy is "attack the attacker". Do not give him time to react. Become a tornado of crazy bitch. Keep attacking until he is disabled enough that he cannot come after you. If there is more than one, go for the biggest or the closest and do not hesitate. Move fast and strike hard. Strike meaningful targets that will decisively disable. Do not allow the bad guys to coordinate their efforts.

    By the time it gets to a physical confrontation, I am fighting for my life and I'm not going to be polite about it. I am committed to inflicting maximum damage until there is an opportunity to escape. I have no fear of hurting or killing the other person(s) if it means I get to live.

    4: As soon as there is an escape route, take it.

    A lion attacks a deer expecting it to run. The deer does not stand and fight the lion. Show your adversary that you are a lioness and not a deer, and he may reconsider the wisdom of his actions.
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  18. Mr.Bond

    Mr.Bond Big Ass Dog

    Speak softly and carry a .45....
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  19. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    I've often had that very label applied to me, usually in a broken-toothed mumble but always after the fight is over and I'm still standing. o_O
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  20. Judah

    Judah fights in tights

    "Tornado of crazy bitch" love it!!

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