what waivers and stuff do i need before I teach?

Discussion in 'The Instructors Room' started by Pianodude01, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Pianodude01

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    hey guys
    completely new here.
    I just moved off to a new college, and they're having me hold a weekly self defense class, which is fine, iv e spent the last 3 years as an instructor at my sensei's dojo, but what sort of waivers and legal documents should I have?
  3. Hans Larrave

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    Draft a waiver to pass out if you don't want to go and buy insurance just yet. Have a verbal and written understanding with your students. Hit up a personal injury attorney who is also a martial artist in your area for an expert opinion. Make sure you have floor mats and basic safety. If female students, keep facility doors open, not just unlocked.

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