What's your Tokui waza?

Discussion in 'Judo' started by Nexquietus, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Nexquietus

    Nexquietus Disciple

    Tokui waza means roughly favorite or special technique. What's that one technique that you have found yourself falling into when everything else fails.

    For myself I think it would have to be O Goshi, or maybe a version of Kata Guruma. I'm not doing Judo that much anymore, but when push comes to shove in my new arts, I can always count on those being there.

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  2. Ben

    Ben Master

    My favourite technique is Mawashi Geri (Roundhouse Kick). I love the power that the combination of the hip, leg, and then sudden pullback delivers. My favourite Kata is actually not from my own style. The Kata Seipai from Goju Ryu karate strikes me as a most beautiful kata. I taught it to myself but I'm still trying to understand its movements and how they apply to combat. Could anyone fill me in please?
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  3. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    Gansaki-Nage-Otoshi, Oni-kudaki, the collar bone pressure point that I can flaten an average guy with 2 fingers, sambrada, bo-furi, cut kick to nerve above knee cap, eye gouge, good old thumb and index finger into arteries below the jaw on the neck, spinning backfist, hu bud.... Like a kid in a candy store I pick just one! :)

    Besides it's a bad habit to fall into a favorite technique, it's better to have a favorite set of techniques, a toolbox if you will, not taking claim to this concept others have taught me it; thank you Datu Kelly Worden. It shouldn't be full of favorite techniques but, most effective and efficient techniques. :)
  4. Calm Barbarian

    Calm Barbarian Samurai

    My favorite technique, is the front leg mae geri. Such a quick move and can be landed all the way up from the shin to the forehead. Strong and fast enough to make distance and can be used as a lead attack. Could also switch it to a cheeky ushiro mawashi geri. Aaron wrote "it's better to have a favorite set of techniques.." this is very true and would work in competition. Maybe kazama zuki, gyaku zuki, gyaku mawashi geri, landing with uraken uchi, gyaku zuki. However life doesn't happen like this. One of the stigmas with Karate is your opponent having to attack in a certain way. We are taught to train our mind and body to act for us so we don't have to.
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  5. Andrew_

    Andrew_ Initiate

    Mawashi Geri is even my favorite move. I was fascinated towards this technique from the first look only and then only I had thought to master this skill. It took me ample of time and patience and I am very close in learning it to the perfection.
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  6. arron butler

    arron butler Fist of Fury

    I must say that a yoko geri surykomi is a favorite,if that is spelled correctly.a side stepping side kick which is very powerful.it's great when at least 2 or 3 are holding an instructors shield,and see them fly backwards when the kick connects.it's applied best when the kick is focused through the shield and not the surface.but you probably all know that anyway.lol
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  7. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Ooooft, my favourite Jim is the old one from Master Bruce Lee himself....never fails to confuse and dis-orientate...... Eye jab or feint high,Juk tek/ side kick but not a side kick, more like a forward motion to the kick, straight into a trap depending on opponents energy, into a straightblast to the face several times, followed by a diagonal elbow to head, push him back just in range for a hefty big Thai kick to the face or ribs OR and with a forward motion jumping side kick!!! YEEHAAA! Oops sorry, JIM!! I got carried away there :DXXxxXX
  8. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Same for JKD Aaron my good friend XXxxXX
  9. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Well said my Calm Barbarian;) all my love n respects n peace as always my great friend xxXXxx
  10. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Still loving the quotes at the end gorgeous!!.....respedts
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  11. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

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  12. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    I quite enjoy the simplicity but total devestation of the wrist that Omote and Ura Gyaku.
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  13. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    I quite enjoy the simplicity but total devestation of the wrist that Omote and Ura Gyaku can inflict
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  14. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    True; but you also have to admit that a well executed oni-kudaki(again my spelling might be wrong) completely destroys the arm and adds some shock value. Also don't forget han gyaku, a little hanka never hurts you... only the attacker;)
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  15. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    Very true Aaron.

    A little while ago a work collegue qof mine was pestering me to show him a technique and how it could be applied in a reeal situation. I had been denying him for quitee some time might i ad as i felt that if he wanted to experience it he would have to comee to training. This i told him.

    I gave in to his requeests that said day, thinkiing that i mqight be ablqe to gently persuade him to train with us. I asked him to grrab my shirt and throw a punch. The teechnique i used was Omote gyakuu tsuki. Needless to say he held his wristt for the next hour.

    He now trains with us.
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  16. Nexquietus

    Nexquietus Disciple

    In all honesty I had intended for this to be a Judo thing, but it has been very interesting hearing what you all like. In a more Martial context, I'd have to say that I try like hell to not have a favorite move. It's for no magic Bruce Lee inspired reason, it's just that in the class that I am in, with all our Sparring if I had a favorite move, one of my classmates would exploit it. In a real world tussle, I'd always be on the lookout to use the things I am suited for. I'm a thick, fairly powerful guy. Hooks to the body, knees, and throws are going to be the order for the day. Nothing complicated. The longer I am in the fight, the faster I can lose. Devastation in as little time as possible. I'm also a very Nice guy, so if it ever got to the point where I am forced to defend myself or others... Well, I haven't been tested yet, but I have talked my way out of a couple. Maybe my tokui waza is Talk-jitsu.

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  17. Battodoka07

    Battodoka07 Warrior Monk

    If we're talking judo then I defiantly would have to say Tomoe Nage or Osoto Gari. For my favorite single technique in general then it's Kotegaeshi. I just love those wrist locks.
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  18. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    I prefer using an outer major reaper throw with emphasis on shoving against the throat to propel my opponent to the ground.
    that usually ends the incident without further problems, make a nice dramatic point if your attacker has friends and allows you to keep your eyes on whats going on around you with relative ease.
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  19. Darren Parks

    Darren Parks Initiate

    For throws, one of my defaults is the combo of Osoto Gari (major outer leg reap)/ Seionage (one or two arm shoulder throw). With these, I can quickly adapt to my opponents movements and they work well with or without a Gi, just give me an arm for seionage! I agree with Blade Maker, quick execution of the outer leg reap while driving down across the throat can be quite impressive.
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  20. Nexquietus

    Nexquietus Disciple

    Nice. I have always thought that Ouchi and Kouchi Gari strung back to back until the person is off balance and ending with Uchimata is a great string that keeps your opponent on their heels, defensive. In tournaments I had good success with that, though like I mentioned before, good ol' fashioned Oogoshi was always close to my heart.

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