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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ben, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Ben

    Ben Master

    What do you like to do when you're not training? Who's the person behind the art?
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  3. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    That's a good question Ben.

    In my spare time I like to listen to my music collection and play my guitar. I like watching comedy. I like taking my dog to the beach for a walk.

    I like to draw, carve and attempt to mke training weapons for my fellow martial friends
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  4. Ben

    Ben Master

    I also play guitar :) Listening to music is a big thing for me. Comedy is also cool. I have 2 dogs and a cat. I like to draw. I go to uni most of the time (well uni TAFE) and next year ill be enrolling in a bachelor course :)
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  5. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Well good day to you my favourite monkey warrior:p:p Yet another intellectial question:rolleyes:!! Me? I'm pretty boring outwith the gym!! I am a keen animal lover. Two Collies and a Staffy cross and my two cats keep me quite busy. I'm forever over the park with my dogs!! Or out walking with them, plus I look after all the neighbours dogs too!! I also love to draw and love spending time with my friends, and I love to make those around me smile and feel good about themselves!! all my loooove and respects my cheeky wee monkey!!:p:pXXXxxXXX
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  6. Allie

    Allie Disciple

    My main focus outside of martial arts is definitely traditional art. Drawing, painting, sculpting, making in general. I actually went to an art college for 2 years but it wasn't for me and I've done much better recently on my own - currently painting 11 murals in a new doctor's office and getting a lot more freelancing work.

    Besides that I work a lot, haha, and I too am an animal lover. Especially dogs, and big animals. I just found out that miniature cows exist, and I'll be going to see them tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited!
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  7. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Hooray another fellow animal lover, hiya Alli!! So very pleased to meet you I look forward to more chats with you hunni....love and respects XXxxXXxxXX
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  8. MadoreGojuRyu

    MadoreGojuRyu Master

    for myself, I really enjoy working out and staying in shape, I have 3 kids-two sons and a step-daughter, i need to be a really good example since most of my family is extremely overweight. I enjoy playing video games and reading books also. but most of my sons are my best friends and I enjoy playing goofy little games with them. my oldest son and I are both big star wars fans so we have random lightsaber battles running thru the house...my youngest son just hasnt been corrupted yet.
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  9. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    I enjoy travelling, playing video games, watching movies, hillwalking. I love music though I've found me watching videos more over the last few years. I do a lot of blogging online. Although I'm paid for it, it's still something I enjoy.
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  10. Calm Barbarian

    Calm Barbarian Samurai

    Outside martial arts I am one half of my son's Avenger team. My role is The Hulk. Apparently I have a good growl! When evil has gone to bed I freelance in illustration and design. This outside of my 9-5. The illustration keeps me busy and can usually be seen with my head in a sketchbook filling it with good intentions for another exhibition. When not doing any of these things I watch movies. Thinking of buying Bullhead. Anyone seen it? http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/bullhead/
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  11. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    Never heard of Bullhead but it looks really good. Let us know what it's like if you do buy it.
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  12. angie828

    angie828 Disciple

    Reading, writing, camping, shopping, spending time with family, scrapbooking. I have lots of other hobbies.
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  13. MT_Demers

    MT_Demers Disciple

    My wife and I have a farm and two beautiful daughters that keep me pretty busy outside of martial arts and my regular job. I am also a volunteer firefighter. Some times I don't know where I find the time. During football season I enjoy watching the New England Patriots, well some seasons are more enjoyable to watch than others, but still GO PATS!
  14. Ben

    Ben Master

    May the force be with you my friend :p
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  15. MadoreGojuRyu

    MadoreGojuRyu Master

    and you as well
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  16. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    When im not training or working im helping my fiance raise our almost 2 year old daughter, she loves playing with the foam padded hanbos and my kali sticks at the dojo :)
    Other than that listen to music, watch movies, play video games, do more tech research that i just dont have time for at work. Oh and i try to get a few hours.of sleep in...
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  17. Ben

    Ben Master

    Hey, Mr Madore, I don't know what grade you are, but do you know the Seipai Kata?
  18. Ben

    Ben Master

    I've seen a lot of replies here that ivolved playing video games. What games do you play? Is anyone on Xbox Live? If so, add me. Seeka92 :)
  19. Dave M.

    Dave M. Initiate

    I used to make YouTube videos (until my cameras BOTH gave out on me XD), I occasionally compose music with UTAU (a computer program that allows you to take a soundbank and manipulate it to fit certain notes), and I write fanfiction (mostly based on Batman, Phantom of the Opera, or this new series about monsters that Mattel came up with). I'm also a religious man, involved in some religious organizations and projects. I give what I can to charities like RAINN and Darkness 2 Light, and my ultimate goals are to open a ministry and become a private investigator... which means I'm doing a lot of studying. Sometimes, I'll play an occasional flash game, since I don't have a gaming console.
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  20. MadoreGojuRyu

    MadoreGojuRyu Master

    the only Goju Ryu katas I dont know are...
    • Kururunfa
    • &
    • Suparinpei (Pechurin)
    And in our system I have earned the rank of 5th dan and the title of Renshi
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  21. MadoreGojuRyu

    MadoreGojuRyu Master

    just wanna point out thought that in here we all one brotherhood in my opinion and my name is Larry. If someone wishes to be referred to by a title in these forums then so be it, but I prefer my given name
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