When You're Not Martial Art-ing

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ben, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Ben

    Ben Master

    I was wondering if I could ask you about the purpose/application of some of its movements? I saw the kata at the end of the movie Kuro-Obi, became obsessed with it and learned it in my spare time at home, but I always find that with kata, it's so much more rewarding to know what you're supposed to be doing with your movements and I can't decipher some of them in Seipai. Would you be willing to help me out?
  2. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Lucky Cat Is Lucky

    You mean there's a life outside of martial arts?!? [​IMG]

    When I'm not doing martial arts I'm teaching martial arts to my sole remaining private student (usually 3-4 days / week). When I'm not teaching martial arts I'm writing about martial arts.

    And when I'm not writing about martial arts I'm thinking about martial arts.

    Good thing you can't have sex with martial arts ... :confused:

    But I guess a few other things I do are: I work at my freelance writing, go for walks around town, cruise the 'Net and still try to chase (and catch) women half my age.

    ... hey, everyone needs a hobby. [​IMG]
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  3. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Hahahahahahahaaaaa!! You are in a league of your own Sifu!!!!:DI looooove it!! XXxxXX
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  4. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    IN my spare time i carve things out of logs and teach in the local school system as a substitute.
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  5. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    I also spend a lot of time out doors in the woods
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  6. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    How long would it take you to carve Bruce Lee in his infamous kicking pose Ian, my trusty Swordsman?? Respects and peace my friend!!:rolleyes:
  7. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    depends on how big you wanted it, i could carve a figurine in a day or 2, and i would need 2 angles of the pose at least if i were doing an actual likeness of him ( sense i never had the chance to meet him) or it would end up looking like a character carving.
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  8. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    I have hunners of pics!!!! AND hunners online, how much would it cost??
  9. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    what do you want it carved from? hard wood, exhibition wood, soft stone (soap stone) and how big?
  10. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    HUGE......LIFESIZE!! Hahahaha, seriously 12 inches or so..
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  11. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    lol ok i will see what i can manage here, probably 40 USD + shipping.
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  12. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    And how much for your time, sorry I am soooo cheeky
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  13. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    I don't charge by time i charge by piece. Otherwise no one could afford hand carved things, it's like buying any piece of art. Same as with swords and the other weapons i make.
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  14. Deborah

    Deborah Ninja

    Hahahahaaaaa...that was my next question.........I looove swords nearly as much as I looooove Bruce Lee
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  15. Nexquietus

    Nexquietus Disciple

    I have two wonderful kids and a Beautiful wife that get a lot of my time. Most of the rest is spent at work where I am an Operating Room Nurse. What little is left, a couple of days a week for an hour or so a day, goes to Kali. In the remaining few seconds I try to keep the house running, feed my dog and tinker with making things (i.e. the polymer sword thing).

    good times, good times

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  16. Ben

    Ben Master

    Could you tell me more about your polymer sword making? What kind of a material is polymer to work with? Like is it soft, hard etc etc. And also how much would you charge if someone gave you a picture and some measurements and asked you to make a replica of it? :p (I make...well try to...make wooden swords at home :) )
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  17. khan farzal

    khan farzal Initiate

    i prepare for my entrance exam !!! ;)
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  18. Battodoka07

    Battodoka07 Warrior Monk

    Well outside of MA and training as a Jedi (J/K) and like to go shooting. Right now my time is limited as I'm taking classes and preparing for my Ph.D. in Economics. With a full time job, going to the dojo, and studying at this moment I don't have much of a social life. When I'm not at the dojo or in school I enjoy going to the movies, taking trips to beautiful cities near the ocean, reading and listening to music.
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  19. Justin

    Justin Initiate

    For me (and I'm pretty sure most of the people on this forum) Martial arts is a way of life; therefore I don't actually stop martial art-ing. Martial arts is something that you should be training from the moment you wake, to the moment you sleep. The mental and spiritual training to should be a constant... for example, there's no point flipping your lid at your work colleagues all day when you're having a bad day, only to go to your martial arts class later to be all calm and controlled
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  20. steve didino

    steve didino Disciple

    long walks and love watching ARSENAL

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