Where are my Budo brothers?

Discussion in 'Ninjitsu' started by Traderjoe, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Traderjoe

    Traderjoe Disciple

    I live in Hawaii and train with Shihan Robert Fraser.
  3. Quincy Joyce

    Quincy Joyce Initiate

    For some reason ninjutsu has been quiet.. i haven't really sen much activity in that front...
  4. MadoreGojuRyu

    MadoreGojuRyu Master

    hence the name ninja......may i present example #1:
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  5. Traderjoe

    Traderjoe Disciple

    Nice to see a full room of Ninja.
  6. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    I presume you travel to Japan on a regular basis to train at the Hombu under the guidance of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi?
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  7. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    In regards to Ninjutsu being quiet, maybe you need to plug into a better source. I train twice a week, sometimes 3 times a week in the dojo. On top of that I put in some extra at home. Surround yourself with likeminded individuals and it will never be quiet.
  8. Traderjoe

    Traderjoe Disciple

    Aloha Mario nice to see you here! Where is NZ are you I have friends in Wellington I need to come visit. I also am the USA contact for many businesses selling food into the USA.
  9. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    Kia Ora bro. There are dojo's in Wellington. I'm on the north island in Waihi. East coast. About 1.5 hours drive south of Auckland.
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  10. Traderjoe

    Traderjoe Disciple

    Is that near Lake Taupo? They lived there when I visted last time a few years ago. When I come I will be making the rounds.
  11. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    3 hours north of Lake Taupo my brother. On the east coast.
  12. Aaron

    Aaron Shadow Warrior

    Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Mario your right about surrounding your self, I'm sure if I could get away with it I would be down at the dojo 10 to 14 hours a week, but I would be sleeping in the dog house/couch.
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  13. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    Haha. My wife sometimes says to me I may as well sleep there. She does also realise that indirectly she benefits from my training by me becoming a better person for it
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  14. Traderjoe

    Traderjoe Disciple

    My wife told me I needed a hobbie and is very supportive I am a lucky man. My body is what complains. LOL
  15. shinobighost

    shinobighost Initiate

    Hello folks Ferris, Tx here. I train under Sensei George Kohler in the Genbukan.
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  16. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    Have you trained at the hombu
  17. Blade Maker

    Blade Maker Master

    I live in Indiana and study with the Bailey Brothers Shidoshi Garron and Sensai Brian Bailey.
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  18. Ian Sinclair

    Ian Sinclair Bushido Warrior

    In live in a little town (small city) called Taree in Australia. My teacher's name is Michael Morrison (7th Dan) and retired bouncer. I like his practical approach to Bujinkan, it works for me. I like his wicked sense of humor too :D...The more i am learning about this stuff the more i am liking the core of it. One day I'm going to have to post something about it in more details i reckon.

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