why did royce gracie wear his bjj uniform in fights ?

Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by michael mckenna, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. michael mckenna

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    ive been looking at bjj on youtube and i got told by a friend of mine to watch royce gracie if i want to see some great bjj so i did and was wondering why is he wearing his uniform ? does anyone else wear one ? is it bjj only uniforms allowed in fights other then shorts ? can someone from karate or taekwondo or any that wears a uniform like that allowed to wear them in fights ?. i dont know alot about mma the most i know is the majority use muay thai, wrestling, bjj, boxing and ground and pound and i know that you can use other stand up style other then muay thai. thats about as far as my knowledge of mma goes but im getting more and more interested in it when i watch high quality fighters. thank you for any info you can give me
  3. Sneaker

    Sneaker Warrior Monk

    Depends on Royce Gracie ... maybe it helps him to do more techniques with gi on than without gi ... example : wrap around opponent with his gi to choke him out ?

    and representing who he is ? ... Advertisement patches displaying ?

    Sometime I have asked myself this ... if GI is allowing ... can I use my belt as well because it is part of the GI. :confused:

    No GI is like wearing everyday casual clothing that rips easily, except "transporter's black suit" type clothing.
  4. Eric Dufurrena

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    UFC 1 (and in fact, most of the UFC fights that Royce appeared in) weren't 'mixed martial arts' as you know it today. It was a special venue put together by the Gracie family to really showcase how good BJJ was against all other styles. A lot of the other fighters wore the trappings of their styles, too.

    The rules of MMA allow only shorts. Wrestling is quite common as it is quite useful, as are any other 'sport' orientated martial arts, like BJJ, boxing, muay thai, and to a lesser extent, kickboxing. There have been some very successful fighters who do change up the standards, though. You can use any style you want, and recently there have been 'MMA' schools, which don't really have one style, they are a mixture of techniques that have worked well within the rules and venue of mixed martial arts.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Sneaker

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    Is that means woman wears short only ? :wideyed::rolleyes:;)
  6. Dave76

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    Now that would definitely raise the ratings :LOL:
  7. liam

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    In modern MMA rules you cannot wear a GI. In BJJ matches you don't want to wear a karate GI because it will get ripped to pieces and it will hurt like a SOB if they use it for a collar choke and God forbid you use a heavy weight karate gi. I didn't listen back in the day when I first started grappling, that was a huge mistake.
  8. MattCMMA

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    Royce wore his GI because well thats what he trained with and at that time it was allowed within the ruleset. It gave him an advantage because he was able to use the GI to aide with submissions. You can see a step by step breakdown of UFC 1 here by 2 of his sons. The Gracie breakdowns are awesome, as they take the footage from actual fights and show you exactly what was done. If you enjoy this type of thing, go HERE to see the many many breakdowns they have done.

    Currently in MMA the GI is not allowed and only shorts are allowed, though in Japan in certain organizations I believe tights are allowed as well. Below is an example of using the GI to aide in a choke.

    Of course you can. Though the only use I can think of is grabbing your opponents belt wrapped around his waist from the back for control, I don't believe there are any chokes using the actual belt itself though.

    Now that the GI is not allowed in MMA, NoGi training is the prefered method of MMA fighters, as when you actually get into the cage to fight, your opponent is not wearing the GI and you don't have the GI jacket to grab onto anymore.
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  9. Jovan

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    Yeah I had the same thing, I had Judo classes right before my Karate classes in the same building, and once I thought, why am I taking both my GI's? So I decided to only take my Karate GI with me.. After one hipthrow my GI was ripped in pieces.
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  10. Franco

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    I miss the old UFC to me it was the real deal Royce wearing the gi and it was style against style with no weight limits the way it should be, now is all the same boring stuff as a matter of fact I notied fighters don't wanna grapple. They go in the ring hoping for a good KO to end the match.
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  11. Sneaker

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    I agreed and ... but still ... I will not explain reasons well about old UFC changed into new UFC ... ... I "do" like the old style UFC ... that is like random people regardless styles, weight, size, etc etc fight each other and excellent sportsmanship attitude whether you win or lose ... I have always wondering ... damn ... he is huge and well-round 285lbs vs I am like 175lbs runt ... I have no other choices to escape the fight ... Will I be able to survive this fight ? ... I really dont know ... and hopefully never happens.
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  12. Eric Dufurrena

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    If you listen to the crowd, they don't want to see a good grappling match, they boo at them. As a sport, I like MMA as it is, with my favorite fighters being guys who can grapple well. I did enjoy the original UFC fights for what they showed, that in striking size matters a whole lot, but isn't always the most important thing, and that a lean BJJ guy can take out a super muscled wrestling guy. It is the whole mysticism of martial arts, really, that skill can overcome physicality.
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  13. wizcool c

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    he said people will want to grab him if he was wearing a gi ,and that is what he wanted to turn it into a grappling match

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