Why do heavyweight kickboxers suck?

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Kenneth Andrews, Apr 27, 2019.

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    Hey guys. Names Kenneth. I've been meaning to think of a good thread to start. Given that my googling has been ineffective on this subject, I figured this would be a good topic.

    Now before anyone gets triggered I'm not saying there are no good super/heavyweights. There are some legit guys. But rather that the talent pool seems lacking.

    As a superheavyweight myself and getting ready for some full contact tournaments, I decided to scope out the competition. I haven't seen one good amateur heavyweight with good form, footwork, etc. There seems to be a lot of overweight people that should be 2 weight classes down or muscle heads the power through and spend the whole match holding and throwing sloppy hooks and telegraphed rights. Half of them can't throw a basic round kick (IN KICKBOXING) Things improve in the pros, but not by much. The best heavyweights seem to win with a basic predictable orthadox styles which you expect from upper level amateurs. Compare this to lighter fighters that seem to have unmatched skill that truly sets them apart even sometimes at the amateur level.

    I think it's clear a lot of heavy fighters are lazy and in bad shape. There's no reason a top level athlete should be morbidly obese. But that doesn't explain athletic kickboxers that seem to be lacking the absolute basics and yet are competing. To some extent we see this in MMA too. But we don't see it much in boxing. Is this because boxing coaches have higher standards before they are allowed to compete or what?

    I look forward to hearing your guy's opinions.

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