Why I don't corkscrew.

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  1. RJ Clark

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    Agreed on that. Not sure overall about the value of the full 180 tho - perhaps it came from a "Well if quarter-round is good, then full 180 round MUST be even better..." I may also have a bias from starting with boxing, but having done it both ways I don't feel any added value to the full twist.
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    Its horses for courses I reckon. After nearly 40yrs I hit em as hard as I can with whatever I've got. I've found a slap with Palm Heel is quite handy and you don't run the risk of dislocating or breaking a knuckle. Back fist is faster than punch as an opening move
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  3. Judah

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    I think a lot of it has to do with the way the body is built, it's easier to keep your elbows tucked in to your body if your palms are facing you (peekaboo guard) yet it's more comfortable to hit with either a vertical/horizontal fist as fully extended to the front or side the arm has to rotate more at the shoulder to maintain the position, so the twist simply moved the hand from one position to the other. Even with the typical boxing guard you see (or indeed holding a fist at the hip) requires rotating the fist to hit horizontally without raising the elbow too much.

    I've read a lot of papers on the subject of what generates power in a punch or kick, on punching it seems the rotation of the hips and shoulders account for the greatest amount with the push of the leg on the ground the second biggest factor (why the superman punch is a flashy waste of energy) with the movement of the arm alone accounting for a very small amount - however this changes depending on the physical strength of the athlete tested. I hold my hand with palms facing away as I find it easier to parry with my palms and if I have to fight without gloves I really don't fancy the idea of taking shots on the backs of my hands, as the info I read on the twist suggests it has a negligible effect I throw my shots without a twist. I don't really think a conclusive answer will ever be reached. Anyone who has punched one way will usually find that way more efficient for them compared to a way that uses the muscles ever so slightly differently.
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    it also puts the arm into the "unbendable arc" by stiffening the joints, this means the nearly all of the energy created buy the core muscles and the foot work of the puncher is delivered into a very small area. If you are sitting down on your punches like boxers do then there is even more that can be force can be applied and gravity becomes a factor in the strike as well.
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