Why I Retired From Teaching

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  1. Judah

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    Mmm hmm, from their "fingers" eh? Not where I'd be eating from.... ;)

    I completely understand why you quit teaching. It's the same with me, no one wants to take it seriously anymore. I once had a guy in the army ask me to teach him to box. I refused because I knew he wouldn't take it seriously. Although I did train a young Gurkha once even though we were only posted together for 5 weeks, only because he was deadly serious, guy would've chopped off his hand to prove it!

    Best wishes!
  2. Aaron Hutto

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    Ain't that the truth ... McMystery Meat ...

    The one thing that I learned as a sales manager and a trainer is that while many consumers know what they want, they often times don't know what they need. I used to be a sales trainer for a very large chain of mattress retailers. I can't tell you how many people I talked to who's back hurt because of their bed so they went shopping for a bed that felt the exact same way ... and expected different results. The sales staff that I trained were the most successful in the country because unlike other trainers, I did not have them study beds. The other trainers would have their staff study coil count and specs. My staff studied sleep. My favorite line to use in my classes is, "People will pay $10k for a sheet of plywood if you can convince them that they will sleep well on it."

    That being said, when a new martial art student walks through my doors, they might have an idea of what they want. It is my job to educate them of the possibilities. When I started Kenpo at age 10, I had no idea one style from another. The only reason that I went there was because I found a coupon in the yellow pages for two free weeks and a free uniform.
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    The picture of the man with the cane is clutch... but normally from that position I would recommend the crook to be rotated approximately 90 degrees downward. That way the crook is in "trap/sweep/perforate" position for both strong side and reverse side strikes. Otherwise, flip to crook in hand...
    ...sorry, am I getting too analytical on the picture? ;)

    Ah, social security... the only place you can get a guaranteed -90% return.
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    hahahah, I guest I did not get it the first time..hahahahaahaha... I'm not blonde, i'm gray...lolll
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    Yeah, you are right. But there must be something you can do. Collaborate with other teachers of your style and pass it on to your sons, daughters, and their friends? Hold a Taijiquan festival or something with public demonstrations? I dunno.

    Taijiquan ain't even something I've ever heard of. Which is unfortunate. I'll have to look that up some time and research into it more.
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    Taijiquan is sort of the bubble-headed youngest son of the martial arts family - very few people want to look at him and fewer still understand him. They just shake their heads, go "Tsk, tsk" and move on. :stop:

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