Why is Neck Training Important in Boxing?

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    Training your neck provides a variety of benefits, including improving your general strength, punching power, flexibility, and mobility, as well as improving your ability to take a shot and recover swiftly.

    Because neck training does not need a large amount of effort, it is beneficial to exercise and strengthen it as much as possible. All of the major names in boxing, like Mike Tyson, spend a lot of time training their necks, and if you want to compete at the highest levels, you should do the same. Strength training for body areas like the neck is just as crucial as boxing gloves, shorts, and headgear if you want to stay at the top of your game.
    A strong neck will aid you in doing defensive techniques like as sliding and evading successfully and fast in order to get an advantage over your opponents.

    Neck bridges are a good and safe technique to train the neck for boxing, but pushing it too far can result in serious injury. If you're new to this exercise, start slowly and focus on raising your torso straight up and down using only your neck muscles. The roll variation of the exercise should be skipped.

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