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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Kevin, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Mario Paul

    Mario Paul Samurai

    Congratulations to all winners. Choose wisely my friends....
  2. Ed Bates

    Ed Bates Guest

    Thank you Mario. I think I have. I use Bruce Lees messages in some of my lessons, and having wrist bands with one of his messages on it might inspire my students to train harder. And a donation to his foundation can only help. I love this wife just said I'm on this forum more then I'm on facebook. (She's silly)
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    @SifuPhil - Can you confirm your paypal email address to me via private message :)

    @MadoreGojuRyu - I've sent an amazon voucher to the email address that is used on your account here.

    @Ed Bates - I've ordered the certificate for you via via the email you use here.

    Can both of you confirm you received your prizes via email :)

  4. MadoreGojuRyu

    MadoreGojuRyu Master

    got it and thank you very much Kevin....very much appreciated
  5. MadoreGojuRyu

    MadoreGojuRyu Master

    Already used mine, thank you again Kevin
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  6. Semper Gumby

    Semper Gumby Disciple

    Thanks for running the forums and competition Kevin. I enjoy reading the forums.
    The Bruce Lee Shop would be good.
  7. Ed Bates

    Ed Bates Guest

    Yes my brother I got the confirmation via email. Thank you. My only hope with black belt forums is an app for my phone.
  8. Semper Gumby

    Semper Gumby Disciple

    Revived the email, thank you sir.
  9. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    @Madore - You're welcome.

    @Semper - I've sent the voucher to the email that is registered to your account here.

    @Ed - There are two applications available to me that I can install: Tapatalk and Forum Runner. If I install both of them for free, forum users would have to pay around $3 to use the app on their android phone or iPhone. As a forum user, I've never been happy with paying for an app such as that so I'd prefer forum users here didn't either. To do this, I need to pay either $799 a year for Tapatalk or $599 a year for Forum Runner. This includes branding and updates etc.

    I'd be happy to pay this fee if the forum required it. There are a few reasons why I don't want to purchase it right now:
    • At the moment, the forum has 500 members, and most of those aren't active. As such, it's difficult to justify such a cost.
    • Black Belt Forums will need rebranded in the future. I have limited design skills. When the site launched I planned on getting a unique logo designed but I wasn't sure what I really wanted so I just threw up a quick design....and it stuck. Later I'd like to get a custom logo designed for the forum app and perhaps down the line, for merchandising, promotion etc.
    • Black Belt Forums runs on a script called XenForo. I like the script because it's really quick. The developers have talked about developing a mobile app or making it more mobile friendly in the future. I'm not sure when this will happen though hopefully by the end of this year.
    I have installed a more mobile friendly design in the mean time. To change to this design you need to select the link at the bottom left hand side of the page which says 'Black Belt Forums Default Style'. Clicking on that will bring up a window that lets you select the mobile design.
    I can add an add on that automatically detects mobile devices and sets it to the mobile design but I'm not a fan of it as it sometimes displays the mobile design to desktop designs of certain browser. Plus, I actually prefer viewing the site using the normal design using my iPhone or iPad.
    The best solution is certainly Tapatalk or Forum Runner. I can install the version that costs $3 to download just now if any of you want it.
  10. Nexquietus

    Nexquietus Disciple

    Holy Cow! My Power supply died last week and I have been without a computer. Boy was I surprised to see this in my email. I'm glad I was able to make a good suggestion and point some folks at some cool realistic videos. Thanks for a great forum and a cool opportunity to win some prizes. I've my eye on some things on Amazon, so that would be great if you don't mind.

    Congrats to all the other winners, and Thanks again to Kevin for putting these contests on.

  11. Kevin

    Kevin Admin Staff Member

    Hey Jim,

    I've sent you the voucher via Let me know if you have any problems receiving it. You should receive an email notification :)

    I also noticed an error in my original list of winners. I had listed Nexquietus as a winner in competition 1 for his suggestion and as the winner of the video competition in competition 4. I redrew competition 4 using with those who entered and who hadn't already won a prize (Calm Barbarian, Aaron, dmach and mjj) and dmach was chosen as the winner.

    Congratulations. Can you tell me what prize you want dmach :)


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