Would women be fighting in the UFC already if Gina carano never left

Discussion in 'Mixed Martial Arts' started by Muay Thai Samurai, Oct 31, 2012.

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    According to Dana White we are coming close to seeing women fight in the ufc for the first time the credit for this seems to be left solely with ronda rousey who has been unstoppable in her fight career Via the armbar submitting everyone of her opponents inside the first round. But i can't help but wonder what if? Years after her loss to cyborg Gina Carano was still considered to be the face of women's MMA any time WMMA came up whether it was the rise of meisha tate or wmma gaining popularity her name would come up one way or another and i can't help wonder if she had given cyborg another go or had she flat out kept competing that the combination of the 2 high level competitors fighting in strikeforce would have forced Dana's hand sooner?
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    Not at all. The problem with Gina was the timing, while she was fighting the women's division was even thinner then it is now. This was the sole reason as to why Dana never considered a women's division in the UFC, There weren't enough fighter's to successfully promote it. Also it was obvious that cyborg was on steriods or PED's, You don't even have to follow the sport and all you would have to do is look at her size in early fights and how quickly she gained muscle mass. Bringing her into the UFC [she probably would have if this move would have been made] and then her getting caught cheating would be a huge blow to the division. It just seemed there was too much risk at that time.
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    We should make martial arts more popular amongst our female counterparts.

    Anyway we can do this is a good way. Better to move at a slow pace towards a goal than not at all.

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