Your Life Is Your Dojo

Discussion in 'Health, Fitness & Nutrition' started by RJ Clark, Feb 13, 2014.

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    I've posted many times about using work and your daily routines as opportunities to train. One of my fav sayings is "Use the mundane as a chance train" Due all this lovely snow I've been running takedown drills integrated into shoveling snow: penetration step variations, single & double leg catches & grips, cutting the corner, running the pipe, etc. You don't "need" to go to the gym or dojo to get a good training session in if you're creative.(y)

    In a story I can tenuously link to the above, a young buck "had to" quit his physically demanding job because he was too exhausted to train after work o_O. In his most recent fight (mma) he then gassed out in the first and was finished by his opponent in the second. Being a gym rat or dojo mole isn't everything. What you do outside your training halls can be just as important or pay even greater dividends...
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    Well said! Been doing the same along with traditional stance training. And LOTS of balance drills.
    My neighbors think I'm just insane. :wacky:
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    We don't get snow, just plenty rain and flooding in the uk (fortunately as yet I just have a soggy garden). Thanks to some high winds and a nature in generall I now have a 15ft long piece of tree in my garden (carried it home from a field earlier today after I'd gone to pick up a spade, fork and rake to sort my mess of a garden out). Always wanted to make my own striking post, carrying my garden tools and some inspiration I decided to thank nature and carry the big stick home.

    Gonna enjoy some heavy digging/turning/raking over the next few days or so in harsh weather and see if I can turn this big chuck of wood into something useful. Hell I might just start collecting wood and build a garden gym!

    Relating back to the thread though, I've found gardening/landscaping to be a fantastic workout for the entire body. It can be mundane work but it really does tax all the body, especially those little supporting muscles that don't normally get worked in a gym.
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    Dig-the-hole, Daniel-san! Dig-the-hole!
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    This will be me tomorrow!
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