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  1. DeeD

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    Interesting I mentioned earlier that for us from 3rd grade onwards we test each time for 4 hours, Thats a solid 4 hours only breaks you get are when being explained whats next and when you put gear on for sparring.

    The 4 hr session encompasses fitness compound movements to test cardio then move onto combos then onto thai pads,focus mits, kicking shields etc with variations in combos at full speed, and then partner drills, alternating combos with partner, Bag work then sparring with your fellow students for 2 min rounds alternating opponents continuously and then finally static push up squat , sit up scenario for a minimum amount of reps, As you advance in grade the tempo keeps getting turned up and everything obviously more intricate with full speed and power but thats normal for us .
  2. Master Fahy

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    My beliefs are as follows: All those cardio, combos, partner drills, bag work, exercise....etc.... are all ( pretest qualifications ) and all should be done prior to the test date! Master Fahy
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    I concur with Master Fahy. If your assessor is your instructor they should be aware of your physical ability to perform drills before you test. If your assessor does not train you, your instructor should attest to your ability either expressly or implied by virtue of permitting you to test.
    Besides, even after a 30 minute test an assessor should be able to guage your physical conditioning.
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  4. DeeD

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    My assessor is my instructor , Have had others present but thats just the way the do things, When i graded for my Black belt there were 8 of us with my instructor so 4 teams per say and we still had to do that, Interesting hearing how its different
  5. Master Fahy

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    I bring in other Master Instructors to grade/judge for tests. But, I run the test...all they do is grade/judge! It is my reputation on the line every time when my students perform for their test! I don't recommend them for testing unless I know that they are ready to test, it's that simple! My students have to be physically fit to test for black belt, they are given a physical fitness test prior to their test date and they must do it again the mourning of the test. My other black belts do the certification of the physical fitness tests. When the test starts at 9:00 am their fitness test is administered/conducted at 8:40 am and they are given 20 minutes to complete it. They must do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and one mile run all within 20 minutes to start their test....if they don't finish the fitness portion of the test....they are dropped from the promotion test. Our black belt students are assigned to help whose that are recommended for promotion to black belt and they themselves are graded on how the student does on the test, when they take their next test. Master Fahy
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  6. Jovan

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    My Taekwondo instructor can be mad sometimes.. For example, if we do a test for doing like 60 kicks in 30 seconds and you fail, you have to do twice of it. If he thinks you are not doing the best you can, he also let you do more things. If you just make a mistake or something, he doesn't get mad. Our exam lasts like 2 hours or something.
  7. robert_nj

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    I studied TKD in the late 80's and early 90's under two different instructors and schools. The first was very structured. Their was an opening ceremony we had to memorize in Korean (speaking not writing). A lot of push-ups and sit-ups and somewhat strict rules on how you were to address the instructor and senior students. Lots of bag-work and repetition and about 15-20 minutes of semi-contact sparring per class. The belt tests were not 4 hours but were about 1/2 that length.

    The second was more laid back. Their was no uniform requirements. Students called the instructor by his first name. Less sit-ups and push-ups but much more sparring and bag work. Unlike the first TKD school we wore boxing gloves and had face punches and leg kicks with a heavier emphasis on full contact sparring. The sparring on a day-to-day was more rigorous in this school than on belt tests at my other school. Nobody spoke a word of Korean ever. The instructor didn't think much of the patterns so we hardly ever worked on any of them.

    I know they were different but I do not know how to qualify one or the other as "strict". One was sorta strict, or ridged on tradition and the other on bag work and kickboxing.
  8. robert_nj

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    wow that is intense!
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  9. Sneaker

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    I kinda like it that way because my TDK grandmaster was kinda like that ... those intense drills, testing etc really helps me to surpass my limitation, in another words, it opens my eyes to see and know that I can do a lot more with mentality than techniques itself. ... that is probably why 90% mentality 10% techniques.
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  10. Jovan

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    True, if the most people first kick slow and stuff and then they hear they have to do it twice, they are going to kick much faster and much better.

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